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Thursday, March 01, 2007
Fundamentals 1-Geography
Written by Symphonia
Fundamentals-Part 1: Worlds, Planets, and Geography.

Aidia and Earth are parallel worlds, each world having it's own spirit-the spirit of the world. Earth’s Spirit is called Yalo (Derived from Fijian language) and Aidia’s Spirit is called Henki (Derived from Finnish language.) These two spirits are connected to each other and
cannot live without each other. If one dies, then the other does too. Although they are connected, they are kept separate, though.
Earth relies on OrdoMachinary (Ordinary Machines) whereas Aidia relies on a mix between OrdoMachinary and MagiCraft (Magic).
Magic and Technology are of the same substance, but in different forms.
The common magic that exist in Aidia are Fire, Earth, Grove, Wind, Water, Thunder, Ice, Metal, and Wood.
The more exclusive elements of magic are Soul, Energy, Time, Crystal, Mist, and Star.

Aidia and Earth share the same planets, though each world has a different name for them.

---Earth Names--------------Aidian Names
  • Mercury------------------Lähettää*
  • Venus---------------------Ifalnai
  • Earth/Aidia---------------Kenpai/Aidia
  • Mars----------------------Sota*
  • Jupiter--------------------Jupon
  • Saturn--------------------Acapella
  • Uranus--------------------Wysteria
  • Neptune ------------------Vesi*
  • Pluto----------------------Nupo
Suns and Moons
Aidia requires 2 suns, Aurinko & Matahari-and 6 moons-Maan, Lune, Honap, Luna, Tsuki, and Vula-because, due to the very many demensions that lie within Aidia, it creates several imbalances. Because Earth has no other dimensions, it is fairly balanced, and does not require more than one sun-Phoebus- or one moon-Selene.

Continents in Aidia
There are 14 continents in Aidia.
Nearly all continents have humans in it, obviously, but each continent also contains a certain type of species. Some continents have the same type, and some only have one type of species in it. Climate and Geography also plays an important figure as to where species live. Some planets don’t see some of the moons, but they all see the sun.
  1. Veera- Mountainous terrain. It is composed of mountains, which are engulfed in clouds. Because of the clouds, it experiences occasional changes of weather, sunny from one moment and then stormy the next. No matter the weather though, it is always windy. Due to the combination of wind and ever-changing clouds, the continent is susceptible to tornado storms. 25% of the mountains is covered by trees. Contains some vegetation. The only normal creatures that can live here are birds, monkeys, goats, horses and sloth’s. Because the surrounding clouds and the blazing sun, the temperature is somewhat between spring time weather and summer time weather. It does have some climate changes, such as monsoons. Because Veera is a high mountain continent, it sees all of the moons, and all of the suns. Inhabitants Inlcude: Zephyrs, Harpies, Fairies, Mantis, Kitsune, Espers, Anglia, Centaurs, Satyrs, Fauns, Griffins.
  2. Khadijj- Surrounded by Volcanos, and earthly terrain. Has almost to no vegetation. Only creatures that can survive the heat can live here. Because of the blazing hot suns and the volcanoes, it is scorching hot, making it impossible for humans to live there. As far as weather goes, it doesn’t have very much change, save that of the Acid rains that come occasionally. Hot molten lakes and lava rivers wind through this continent. Also has plenty of hot springs. It sees both suns, but can only see 3 of the moons. Inhabitants include: Embers, Kitsune, Dragoons, Sphinx, Serpents, Dragons.
  3. Lafaiya- A watery world. 75% of the land is consisted in water, and the other 25% is the dry land. There are parts of the land that are higher than the water-called Highlands, others that are shallow water-called Wide plains, but still accessible for travel, and some parts where it is literally impossible to go on foot alone-called Lowlands. Because of the way the moon affect the tides, the inhabitants of Lafaiya go through at least 4 types of seasons in which the water level rises or sinks. For the most part, the land submerged is about the length of being half the lower leg. Some parts of the highlands have developed into frozen Iceland. Because of this, the weather on Lafaiya depend on the temperature of the water, and what types of winds blow through. This continent has underwater vegetation, and some dry land vegetation. This continent is home to mostly underwater creatures, and some earth dwellers too. The 75% of the land occupied by water can see both suns, were the 25% that is covered in ice can only see one. Both parts can see the moon. Inhabitants include: Oceanids, Glacillia, Mermaids, Serpents, Kitsune, Dragoon, Sirens, Krakens, Graces.
  4. Eva- Eva is a floating continent. It is believed that it is powered by the souls that have been freed from the flesh. Whether that it true or not, it is a levitating continent. It hovers all over Aidia. And because of this, it’s weather greatly varies, depending on what part of Aidia it is hovering over. It also affects which suns and moons will appear. It has a good abundance of vegetation, nature areas and water. 50% percent is covered in cool white-sand deserts. It is constantly surrounded by a thin mist. Only creatures that can fly or can live survive the changing weathers and dual air/water/desert terrain can live in this continent. It is suitable for humans to live in. Inhabitants Include: Essentia, Kitsune, Espers, Anglia, Specters, Devi, Psyche , Glimmers, Fairy.
  5. Xeo- A plain-like terrain. It is like Khadijj, because of the earthly land, and yet also like Veera, for it’s mountains. 75% of the sky is covered by thunder clouds, making it impossible to see any of the moons, and only possible to see one sun. Although lacking proper sunlight, vegetation is lush there, due the good soil being struck by lightning. The weather is mostly storms, ranging from Thunder storms to tornado storms. Xeo only has 2 seasons, Summer and Winter. Because of the constant thunder storms, there is almost no bodies of water in Xeo. What little bodies of water there is, it is highly electrical. Only creatures that can stand surviving the constant danger of being struck by lightning or the highly electric water can live here. Few humans can live here. Other inhabitants include: Electras, Dragoons, Centaurs, Glimmers, Beefree
  6. Astaf-a grassy place. It is made up entirely of grassy meadows and plains. Abundant in both vegetation (grass especially) and water. Weather goes through traditional pattern’s here-Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. Usually has clear skies. Has its occasional cloudy/rainy days. On those really heavy rains, water levels rise especially. It is susceptible to tornado storms, since the ground is so flat. Only herbivore like creatures can live here. Because of the abundance of grass, many herds of animal thrive here. Astaf can see all of the suns, and all of the moons. Inhabitants include: Terras, Floras, Insectoids, Dragoons, Bunnies, Kitsune, Saber, Sphinx, Satyrs, Centaurs, Harpies, Fauns
  7. Zynon- A metal-like fortress. Made up organic metal. The ground is made up of all kinds of organic metal. Because to the composure of the ground, it makes it impossible for anything to grow. Water is no abundant here because the ground contains no underground water wells. It makes it impossible for any kind of normal animal to live here. The weather here is mostly cold, and does not get any hotter than 70 degrees. It has sort of Spring-to-Winter weather patterns. It gets occasional acid rain, which hardens the metal in the earth even more. Non-normal animals that cans survive on metal and the cold/semi-warm weather can live here. Humans have to have food imported here, since nothing can be grown here. Because of the always present clouds, this continent can only see the moons, for whose rays are able to pierce through the thick clouds exterior. Inhabitants Include: Oras, Dragoons, Devi, Dolls, Battletrix, Mantis, Psyche
  8. Juyo-A high up continent. Because it is so high above Aidia, it is only accessible through a portal located in Ope de Gupello. Inside the portal, lies Juyo. Juyo is strange kind of continent, considering it is a group of floating isles in the sky. And on every isle, it is entirely made up of castles. Vegetation is especially scarce here, but the abundance of water is about as plentiful as it is on other continents. The weather on Juyo is constant-luke-warm days, cool nights. Since it is high in the sky, it is covered by clouds-but not just any clouds. It is covered in clouds that mark as the borderline between the planet of Aidia and space itself. This planet does not receive rain, but it does receive star shower- bits of star energy that has fragmented off of stars /stardust/ that rains down on Juyo (But it does not harm anything that it touches, like acid rain does) Both suns can be seen at a certain time, but the moons are always seen, because for 16 hours a day, it is night, and for the remaining 8 hours, is daylight. Due to the high location, no normal creature can live up here-but humans can. Only creatures that can withstand the high circumstances can live up their. Inhabitants Include: Gallactica, Galatiatrix, Glimmers, Kitsune, Graces.
  9. Fylali- A warped place. Like Juyo, it is in a hidden portal in Ope de Gupello. This continent has vast vegetation, and plenty of water. But no creature, besides unknowns and humans, live here. Inside the portal, Fylali is a vast place. So vast, that it has 24 different time zones. And since each continent runs on it’s own time, there are 24 cells in which time is measure. The way that it works is that for each hour there is in a day, there is a zone for that time. There are castles set up around Fylali in the center of each zone. The zone is like a fragment of time itself. Each zone goes in order from the 1st hour to the 24th hour. When one hour is running, all the other zones are shut off. This continent works like stop and go time portal-it allows those who want to go back or forward (only so much) in time. The sun and moon can be seen only in certain zones-with any night zones, only the moons, and not the suns, can be seen. Vice versa with the day zones. The midday zones are able to see both suns and all of the moons. Inhabitants Include: Eras, Dolls, Specters, Divinai, Dragoons.
  10. Kystifi- a shimmering place, composed of crystal caverns. Everything on Kystifi is made out of crystal- whether it be a different color, or texture or genre of stone, it is all made of crystal. While water is plentiful here, it has absolute no vegetation here. It also has no weather changes-the weather stays the same all the time-cool. Like Juyo and Fylali, it has castles set up around, but not as much. It is very much like a Utopian-like place. Below the few spots of inland water that Kystifi has, there lies underwater caverns. Because of the no vegetation factor, there are no living creatures here, aside from humans and Opahalla. It is able to see all of the suns and moons Inhabitants Include: Lucida, Dragoons, Divinai, Glimmer, Specters.
  11. Acapalla-A grove like place. It has a enormous abundance of lush groves and vegetation. 80% is covered in a thick forest, with occasional meadows and clearings. Water is also plentiful here. It’s the best place to find any kind of plant or vegetation. The trees cover up most of the sky, so the weather inside of forest itself is quite cool, because of the leaves and branches block most of the sun. The weather above the forest though, is very hot, due to the sun’s intense waves. It is susceptible to rain showers occasionally. During the winter, the leaves on the trees change to pure ice, and act as a sort of winter substitute. It is home to most only creatures that can survive in thickets of trees. It can see both of the suns, from outside the forest thicket, and all of the moons. Inhabitants Include: Dryads, Insectoids, Dragoons, Kitsune, Sabers, Sacreds, Centaur, Satyrs, Fauns, Bunny, Basilisk, Sphinx, Serpents, Harpies.
  12. Farella- A misty place. Though small, Farella is 50% water, and 25% covered in mist. Because there is so much water, small water particles rise and form mist. It has the average amount of vegetation. It has many low plains, fields and meadows, much like Astaf, and has a few mountains scattered here and there. The weather is cool most of the time. Because the heavy fog catches most of the sunlight, only 1/3 of sunlight actually reaches through to the continent itself. The only weather change that happens are snow storms, when temperatures are low, and too much water builds up in the air. Almost anything can live there. (Predatory animals especially thrive here because the mist allows them to camouflage into the background, allowing them to sneak up on their prey.) This continent can only see one sun, and about half of the moons. Inhabitants Include: Abysi, Arachni, Kitsune, Glimmers, All Spirits.
  13. Dyshidi- Dyshidi is the smallest of all of the continents on Aidia. But at the same time, it is the continent that gives off the most energy. Dyshidi itself isn’t considered a continent-because it is very small, and, unlike most continents, isolated. It has no living creatures, besides the Opahalla, and has no weather changes. But the continent is bursting with life-as far as vegetation goes. Even more so than Acapella and Astaf combined. Water here is also plentiful. Dyshidi also provides the energy for other continents as well. This continent is able to see all of the suns and moons. Inhabitants Include: Sprites, Dragoons, Insectoids, Unicorns, Bunny, Beefree.
  14. Ajetta- This is the continent of all. Though somewhat smaller than most of the continents (Not as small as Dyshidi) this is the place where all species gather to communicate with one another. The other continents revolve around Ode de . This is due to fact that a unknown force, as far as Ode de is concerned with other continents, is horrendously strong. Its has every piece of terrain that the other continents have. As far as weather goes, it is like Astaf’s weather flow-Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter-with the occasional storms. Average vegetation and water is abundant here. Almost all species are found here-except for Unknown. It can see all of the moons and suns. Inhabitants Include: All beings, except for Ophalla.
Oceans-Aidia has 3 major Oceans
  • Vida Ocean-(Which is Portuguese for Life)-This ocean is in direct contact with the suns and moons, and the light pierces through the depths of the water. The light has mixed with that water, and so stays for ever light, even in the night time. It is also home to all kinds of species. Any kind of underwater plant that lives off sunlight and moonlight thrive here. The energy that emanates off of the living creatures purifies the water, making it high-energy abundant. Only living creatures can live here-anything that is dead, undead, or ghostly cannot survive the amount of pure energy here.
  • Morte Ocean-(Which is Portuguese for Death)-Unlike the Vida Ocean, the Morte Ocean is the exact opposite. Due to the fact that the light from the suns and moons face away from this ocean, and that no light is able to pierce through, the darkness has mixed with the water, making it lethal. There is absolutely no life in this Ocean. Only plants that can live without light can be here. Anything and everything is dead or decaying in this ocean. This is a place that most predatory sea creatures live, and prey off any weak sea creature who is unlucky enough to end up there. Either that, or they prey off each other. No living sea creature, in their right mind, ever goes there. This ocean is also used as a burial ocean, and is filled with that ashes and bones of the dead.
  • Nascimento Ocean-(Which is Portuguese for Birth)-The Most important of all of the oceans. This ocean neither shines nor shrouds. It glows a faint glow, not enough to blind like light, but enough to separate it from the dark. This ocean is the home ocean, in which new sea creatures are born, and dead sea creatures come to be reborn.
Isles in the Sky
  • “Sky Islands” are usually the result of overflowing energy within a piece of land. When the energy begins to become too much for the piece of land to handle, it will rise and drift from the ground, and hover in the sky. They move not because of the wind, but because the energy in the piece of land is always searching for an even greater source of energy. Usually, no such continent-with the exception of Dyshidi-can host such a large amount of energy, so the isle usually remains in the air, floating around. The amount of energy depends on the size of the piece of land. Sometimes, an entire continent can rise from the ground. Once the piece of land has found a place where its energy can be hosted, it will settle back down onto the ground, next to the place with the larger energy source. It will continue to stay there until it rises again, seeking another place to host its energy.
  • Where ever the isle goes, it will usually adopting the same weather as the continent it floats above. As far as creatures go, the resident creatures that lived there will go where ever the isle goes.

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Tuesday, August 01, 2006
Here's how it's going down.
~Bonjour, mon amies!~

I've decided that I will use this account for my story, Aidia.

Here's how its going to work:

For every division, there will be a blog:

~Classical Elegance~ Chapter summaries
~Nimble Grace~ Characters
~Balletic Artistry~ History
~Symphonic Benevolence~Fundamentals 1-Worlds
~Empyreal Ambience~Fundamentals 2-Beings
~Whimsical Rhapsody~Fundamentals 3-Cultures
~Azure Skies~Fundamentals 2-Government and Order
~Balmy Breeze~ Inspirations and Influences
~Mellow Waters~ Spoilers

I am still working dilegently on the background info, so it will be a while.
But, I will get it done!

With that said,
I shall take my leave

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